Have you noticed your basement flooding? Is there a musky or moldy smell when you’re doing your laundry down there? Are pools of water appearing where they shouldn’t? No matter what kind of moisture problem you’re having in your basement, Brother’s Waterproofing can help. We offer completely customizable waterproofing services to customers in Maryland that come with a robust warranty that will protect your home for generations to come. Speak with one of our specialists about your needs and we will set you up with an in-home consultation and estimate.
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What’s So Bad About Moisture in Your Basement?
A little water never hurt anyone, right? Unfortunately, when it comes to your basement or crawlspace, this is simply not true. Excess moisture pooling and gathering in deep within your home can lead to a lot of different problems when left unchecked.
  • Moisture leads to mold: Dark, moist places create the perfect conditions for mold to grow and flourish. This can lead to weakening structures and even health hazards.

  • Water Can Damage HVAC & Appliances: If your basement floods regularly, then your washer, dryer, and HVAC systems might be at risk. Addressing the flooding now will save you lots of money in the long run when you consider the true cost of flooding.

  • Flooding Weakens Structures: The structural integrity of your home will weaken over time whether the moisture seeps into your foundation or weakens wooden posts.


Brother’s Waterproofing offers more than a simple waterproofing job. When we assess your home’s needs, we’ll approach your moisture issues with a comprehensive solution that takes into account not only the water we see, but how it travels, and where it may end up. This might include exterior water control solutions, a sump pump installation, foundation repairs, dehumidification, and more. We’re not here to get rid of the water in your basement. We’re here to make your home safe and dry by protecting it with an unmatched attention to detail.

We’ll walk you through the problems we find and how we plan to handle them because we believe in transparency and integrity. Find out what makes Brother’s Waterproofing different and set up a consultation with us today.


Exterior water control

As waterproofing specialists, we understand that in order to be successful, any waterproofing strategy must include a number of critical mitigation measures. In other words, no single waterproofing solution will work effectively to eliminate water in a typical basement or crawl space. Instead, a multi-pronged “battle plan” will be put into play to ensure the long-term effectiveness of this overall waterproofing strategy.

Foundation repair

A foundation that is badly cracked, or has settled or shifted, is certain to be susceptible to water problems. A full-service foundation repair contractor like us has the training, technical support and specialized products to make structural repairs to damaged foundations, and to provide complete waterproofing services as well. Instead of hiring separate contractors for foundation repair and waterproofing, it’s more cost-effective and more convenient to let a single qualified contractor do all the work.

Interior drainage system

The most-effective waterproofing technique for existing basements (and crawl spaces) is to have a perimeter drain installed where the foundation walls meet the floor. This drainage system collects water that wants to leak into the basement because of hydrostatic pressure, and directs it to a sump pit where it can be pumped out away from the house.

Interior sump pump

A sump pump is designed to pump water out and away from the house after the water has been collected by a drainage system and brought by gravity to a sump pit located inside the foundation. The pump turns on automatically when the water in the sump pit reaches a preset level. Better-quality sump pumps have battery backup power so that they can continue working even when electricity from the electric utility isn’t available.


Because masonry naturally absorbs and releases water, a basement is likely to have high humidity levels –even when it has been properly waterproofed. An effective way to remove this excess humidity is to have a dehumidifier installed in the basement. To avoid the hassle of manually emptying the dehumidifier’s reservoir when it fills up, a basement dehumidifier can drain into an existing perimeter drain or sump pit. Many standard dehumidifiers available from appliance dealers don’t have the heavy-duty features to handle basement and crawl space humidity conditions. It’s smart to ask a basement waterproofing specialist about dehumidifiers that will perform well in basement applications


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